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Pastor Joshua M. Daniels



”If You Have The Faith, God Has The Power"

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We are your church and are a fellowship of believers in the Christian faith. All are invited to discover who God is and his place in our lives. 


We are Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church. A congregation of believers of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We believe in the Bible as the inerrant Word of God and Jesus as the Son of God and savior for all who will accept him regardless of race, creed, color or background.   As Missionary Baptists we believe in the total mission work of the church which includes the training of clergy, support of churches and church planting, benevolence, health care and educational services and economic development locally and globally. We believe that God endows his believers with the fullness of a spiritual life and further that “If You have the Faith, God has the Power.” 



Organized May 12th 1892, Mount Zion serves the South Los Angeles community. And since it’s founding has been a reknown beacon of faith, service, hope and opportunity for its members, the community of Los Angeles and globally through a vast outreach beyond the church walls. 

“He loves us beyond comprehension, 

and we cannot diminish his love for us.”

Mount Zion



Bible Study

Wednesday Bible Study   |   7:00PM

Sunday School

Speak Gospel Hands   |   8:45AM

New G   |   8:45AM

Heritage   |   8:45AM

Crusaders   |   8:45AM

Legacy   |   8:45AM


Sunday Service

In Person and Online Live Stream Worship



Pastor Joshua M. Daniels

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